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(or a little bit about me!)

   I thought I'd take a little time to let you know who I am, where I'm from and what I've done in life so far.

   I am a disabled veteran after having spent just over 16 years in the military before things kind of fell apart and I was left with no choice but to leave the military. Which was really the most disappointing time in my life. I was born and raised in Flint, Michigan, and am now very happily married and live in Flushing, Michigan.

   I spent my first 4 years in the military serving in the USMC. I went to San Diego, CA for my basic training (a Hollywood Marine is what they called the Marines who went there.) I then attended my MOS training there for Field Radio Communications, and then was selected to attend Microwave Communications Electronics Course. I actually had a great time there even while in Basic Training. There was nothing "Hollywood" about it I can assure you of that. I don't care where you went for Basic Training in the USMC in 1975, you were taken down to you were nothing but the scum of the earth as far as the DI's were concerned. Once they stripped you of all feelings and emotions, and took away your sense of humanity, they started to rebuild you step by step.

   There wasn't a day that went by in the first 2 weeks you weren't wondering what the hell you got yourself in to and how you could get out. Many people tried to leave, some made it over the fences, and some even made it further. But no matter how far you made it, you were going to wish you never tried or as some did, wished there was a way to end it all. What happened to you once they caught you was far worse than anything you can imagine, needless to say, some tried to end it all at that point, which only made matters worse. But if you were smart, and realized that no matter how bad it seemed in basic, it really wasn't bad at all if you played the game. Myself, and a few others, soon realized that, and we made the most of it, and actually enjoyed the rest of basic after the 1st Phase. We made a pact to help each other and stand by one another, no matter what the circumstances, and you couldn't ask for anything more than that. From that point on, being a Marine took on a whole new life inside each of us, and it is still there to this day. It becomes a part of who you are. It's like they say, once a Marine, always a Marine. "Semper Fi" to my brother's, and sister's, " Semper Fi !"

   After getting out of the Marines I got married, had my first daughter, and tried to re-enlist, but on the day I went to sign the paper's, I got an added surprise, it seems my wife was pregnant, again! Not that I didn't mind, it just would have been nice to know a little before hand. But because of the added dependant, I wasn't able to re-enlist because of to many dependants at my current rank. Talk about a major let down, but life goes on. So instead of going back in to the Corp, I went in to the Army National Guard and continued my military career from there. I could go on and on and tell you everything that happened and such, but I'd be here for another day or so typing. Lets just say I took the Marine in me and applied it to the National Guard, making a few changes here and there. Before you know it, after three (3) Army Achievement Medals, many Letters of Commendations and many Letters of Appreciation, and various other awards and such to go with my two (2) USMC Meritorious Masts and Good Conduct Medals, life was good again.

   I worked for the owner's of McDonald's Rest. as a maintenance tech in the 10 stores they owned until I was fired for my participation in the National Guard. Took me by surprise to say the least, but I decided that I'd go back to school then and make the most of a bad situation. After a year or more in school as luck would have it, I landed a fulltime job in the National Guard, which was almost like being back on Active Duty, only at home. A few years after that, the now "ex-wife", had an affair and we got divorced. A couple years later I injured my back moving some heavy boxes and that was all they wrote. From that point on it was all down hill for me for a long time.

   In 2000 I met the most wonderful woman in the world and life took on a whole new outlook, and couldn't get any better. I now have a wife that a man usually only dreams of, 2 wonderful daughter's and 2 step daughters, and I couldn't have dreamed of, or asked for anything better in life.

   The only downside of my life is I have to deal with degenerative OsteoArthritis in my neck, back, hands, and hips. I have stenosis, sculiosis, degenerative disk disease, and lost 3/4 of my stomach due to a reaction with the Vioxx I was taking for my arthritis. I recently discovered I have severe Osteoporosis to top it all off! But other than not being able to work, go out and enjoy all the things I used to do, let alone anything physical, like walk for more than 50 ft., if I am lucky, life is really quite wonderful. That is, as long as I am on my medication. But even then, if it wasn't for this wonderful, fantastic, loving, caring, and just totally beautiful woman I have for a wife, life just wouldn't be worth it without her and both of our daughters. So even though life has played a cruel joke on my body, it can't take away the happiness and joy I experience every day I spend together with the one I love.

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